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About Jordan

Thank you for visiting. My name is Jordan, and I presently work at being a husband, father, marketing professional, and a student of life. I have a huge appetite for knowledge, and I take great pleasure in teaching as well.

Marketer by Day, SuperDad by Design

I arrived at my present career in marketing by way of several different jobs in Canadian media. That story is below. This is my personal website, so the info here tends to be more of a personal nature, but you can read my corporate bio at the bottom of this page, or visit my marketing site,

Before you read about my work history, have a watch of this video of a younger, more nervous me from back in 2007. Though 4 years is a lifetime on the internet, the advice I share about Facebook and LinkedIn is still relevant today:

Scrub to the :30 sec mark

My Life in Media

Ask anyone who has ever worked in Canadian media, and most all of them have a history that involves jobs in many markets, working their way up the media “totem pole.”

My story starts in Powell River, where I grew up. My first media job was as a sports reporter and photographer for the Powell River News, where I first caught the media bug. One day I will regale my kids with tales of the smell of ink, film developing solution and phones with chords attached to the wall. Over the next decade , I would hold jobs in virtually all forms of media, on a voyage of discovery that would eventually find me working in what the kids now call “social media” way back in 2004. I chose to try climbing all of the totem poles, and you’d be surprised what I’ve learned.

Newspaper, Radio, TV, Film, Oh My!

My early years in newspaper segued into studying at the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College in Victoria, studying and creating print, radio and television. And yes, we even did a course or two in web design and html.

After doing sports updates every morning on the college radio station at my final year of school, I returned to the beloved newspaper biz, this time splitting my time between duties as sports editor/photographer and as an advertising consultant at the Powell River Peak.

The advertising gig seemed to come naturally to me, and soon I was off to Victoria as an advertising consultant at the Business Examiner. But life at a B2B biweekly didn’t charge my batteries, and I found myself working in TV, at a station that had yet to even go on air. After launching the NewVI with that great team of folks, I worked my way through four different departments and several different jobs before ending up as a commercial producer and editor of the popular Speaker’s Corner show (yay for user-generated content!). Here, my knowledge of advertising, video and writing skills all converged nicely, and it was good. This was also when I met my wife Alex who was, at the time, the “sexy entertainment reporter” to my “smartass camera guy,” and I mean that literally. It’s not some weird role playing thing.

We set out on a journey together to Toronto, only to discover what we should have known all along; that we belong in Vancouver. Along the way I was an insider to over 100 tv commercial  and short film shoots, working as a film PA to make ends meet in Hogtown; learning yet another trade from within.

From Celluloid to Silicon

When we arrived back West again, I was back to applying a more broad selection of my learned skills, now as a Marketing Manager/PR guy for a business coaching firm, a role that was, as I saw it, just as much a “social media” job as it was about business growth and sales training. I started my own marketing blog around that time, and eventually parlayed what I had learned into my own marketing and PR firm called Tell Ten Friends.

While working and learning about technology and marketing, I was drawn to the culture of software startups. I was offered a role as Director of Community Relations of, then a competition site for the world’s most talented YouTubers in all categories. At the time I couldn’t believe that people could get paid to work on such things, and my excitement level has not waned since. I would eventually become Director of Marketing of Strutta (until Spring of 2011) where I drew upon my experience with advertising, marketing, video, writing and what I learned about the web. Meanwhile, I learned tons about online promotions and marketing, ecommerce and managing a startup through stages of growth.

My wife Alex and I still live in Vancouver, BC with our son and daughter.

There’s more to the story of course, and I hope the ending is several volumes out, but that should catch you up to speed for now. I pray you don’t expect to see too much activity here on the blog itself. Follow me on Twitter for the latest, and while you are at it Google me, I have nothing to hide. Is it photos you want? Here are the most recent ones that folks have posted to Flickr.

The Corporate Bio

With a background in traditional media, Jordan shifted his career to a focus on web marketing and social media in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. In 2010, He was named to BC Business Magazine’s online list of “Social Media Innovators,” and in 2007 and 2008 he co-authored the 1st and 2nd Ed. of “Age of Conversation” with 100’s of other bloggers worldwide. Previous to his “online life,” Jordan worked in TV as a commercial producer for CHUM TV, and as an editor of the first ever user-generated content show on television, “Speaker’s Corner.” While still in high school, Jordan was hired as a reporter/photographer for his local newspaper. He subsequently spent the next several years with ink-stained fingertips and in 2001 he won a Ma Murray (BC/Yukon Newspaper Assoc.) Gold Award for Black and White Ad Design.

Jordan completed the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College (Radio, Television, Print) in 1997 and BCIT’s Venture Entrepreneurship Program in 2006.

Contact: jordan[at]

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